Since my gallbladder left the building, I’ve had to learn how to eat all over again, by lowering both my fat and sugar intake. For someone who used to love her share of rolled tacos and burgers, with a vanilla cupcake on the side, this transition has been challenging, interesting and downright fun. 

I have a new perspective on food, how it nourishes my body and fuels my energy. While I’m not vegan or vegetarian, I have eliminated dairy from my diet. I’ve added more fruits to help with the sugar cravings and vegetables that I’ve never tried before, such as beets. I’m experimenting with making my own bread, creating my own nut butter and making hummus, and I’m cooking like a mad woman.

Grocery shopping has also taken on new meaning. No longer am I on autopilot. As I stroll up and down the aisles, I’m consciously aware of what I’m going to eat for the week and the foods I’m going to put in my body. I read labels on everything… all the labels. 

And through this transition, my husband has been a champ. While this has been challenging for him as well, he hasn’t complained through the new recipes or homemade bread. Of course, there have been a few weird looks at the salad wrap and the vegan brownies, but at least he tastes everything. His nonverbal response determines whether a new recipe is a keeper or a one-and-done event. So far everything has passed his test. Given that, I will continue my adventure of learning new recipes that incorporate all of the new foods that I’m eating and loving.

Happy eating!  

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